Updated 2006.03.01

shareCMS project has moved to subversion on sf.net. browse the svn repository on sourceforge.

Updated 2006.02.08

Updates: New example shareCMS visualizer code online: shareCMS visualizers code.

Examples include :

Updated 2005.06.13

The shareCMS project is looking for php/sql, css/xhtml and java/processing developers as well as graphic designers to work on extending and enhancing the shareCMS system. We are specifically looking to: If you are interested in helping out or have questions, please email the share technical list


The goal of the shareCMS system was to provide a media-centric content management solution for the share event. From my original project description:

An open source multimedia content management system built and designed for share. The site was designed to meet the needs of share, namely as an archive of our weekly events, a resource for artists to post, remix, replay and repost media in various formats, and a collective history or our progress. Part library, part playground, the systems first use is as a web based communty content management system similar to plone/mondo etc, but with a few more twists and a focus on multimedia which makes it better meet the needs of share. In keeping with the spirit of share events...

The shareCMS is not meant to replace other more modular and seasoned open source CMS solutions, but rather to specifically exceed in supporting varied multimedia formats, intelligently handling and parsing metadata, and track events. It is meant to allow groups of artists to collaboratively work on projects within a community environment and share resources, and use the database as an artist resource as well as an archive.

Most importantly, the system is designed to be an open architecture, easily modifiable. Essentially the shareCMS is a simple 'administrative' front end to a more extensive and complex multimedia database which tracks the metadata of events and thier associated media. Other database front ends are in development, one example is a processing-based shareCMS visualizer. Weve decided to make the tool open source and available to other groups who are looking to host events, manage multimedia and track metadata, and form communities.

Currently the system includes:

shareCMS is currently running in early beta at share, and is being developed in collaboration the with hunter/cuny collab project.

You can find the current beta in cvs at our sourceforge project page